Design Services

Initial Consultation

An initial visit for me to see your garden and to identify your requirements. We can discuss how the process will work, including timescales, the level of services to be provided, and how much I will charge for my services. Following the consultation I will send you a brief, setting out your detailed requirements, along with a fee quotation. I don’t normally charge for the initial consultation, unless it involves my travelling a long distance, in which case I may ask that you pay reasonable travelling expenses (mileage).

Site Survey

If you agree to the fee quotation and would like to continue, I will visit to conduct a thorough site survey, taking detailed measurements and assessing the site, including taking soil samples and identifying any specific conditions, and make a photographic record of your garden.

Concept Plan

With all the details to hand, I will create and draw up a concept design, with supporting images and drawings, and present the concept to you for your approval.

Working Plan

When the concept plan has been agreed, I will prepare a set of final drawings and documents containing all the details required to construct the new design, including dimensions, specification of materials to be used, and a detailed planting plan. I can also provide a maintenance plan, should you require it.


Once the design is finalised, I can provide an estimate for supplying the plants, setting them out, and planting, once the landscaping work has been completed…

Constructing the Design

While many clients are happy to appoint a landscape contractor themselves, others may need help with this stage. As my business develops, I hope to identify reliable contractors who I trust sufficiently to recommend to my clients. For now, however, I am happy to offer advice on finding and appointing a contractor, and on managing the relationship.