Why ‘Pulling Weeds’? Well, it’s how I rather flippantly like to describe what I do for much of my time as a jobbing gardener. I do a lot of other things too – cutting grass, pruning, hedge trimming, and even some planting – but I do seem to spend a lot of time down on my hands and knees digging out weeds.

As well as a gardener I’m a writer, and this blog could be seen as an attempt to fuse together these two career strands to create something beautiful. I want to share some of my experiences as a gardener through the year, share my love of plants, provide some tips and ideas, and perhaps open up some discussions about the nature of gardening and how we go about it.

As if spending most of my days working in other peoples gardens wasn’t enough, I also garden for pleasure, in my own modest plot, which may be small, but is perfectly formed.